About Yamajac / Charlotte Connolly

I upload two Killing Floor 2 videos daily, at 8AM and 8PM PST. More series are planned in the near future.

Youtube has been a passion of mine since 2011 when I first started making videos. I love creating things people enjoy, and very little makes me happier than seeing people pleased with what I've done.

I'm a transgender woman in her mid 20s, I started transitioning early 2017 and I've been making steady progress ever since. My current transitional project is getting my voice to an acceptable feminine point.

Aside from YouTube and the occasional Twitch stream, I've also been programming since I was a wee lass. These days I mostly work in Python and much to my dismay, the various languages that make up this website. It's little more than a hobby, but nevertheless a large part of my life.

Contact Yamajac

If you have an interview request, business inquiry or other professional inquiry please send me an email.

Otherwise you can contact me on discord @yamajac#3141 or on YouTube.

Email: CharlotteConnolly@Yamajac.com